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Digital Signage in K-12 Schools

Your Attention Please

In today’s fast-paced digital world, messaging and communication needs to be short and sweet. That’s even truer in a K-12 school with students who have attention spans trained for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Digital signs in schools can effectively provide students, parents, staff and visitors with up-to-date communication regarding school announcements, upcoming events, and important messages.

Identify Communication Problems in Schools

Teachers and school administrators are constantly looking for ways to improve communications with students and parents. Verbal communications, written notices, and emails are fine on an individual level, but they don’t always work for a campus-wide audience. Here are some of the common barriers to communication faced by educational facilities:

  • Time-sensitive announcements. Intercom communications only reach individuals within hearing range at the time of the announcement. Even those within hearing range may not register the announcement as important, and if they do, they might not clearly understand the message being relayed.
  • Wasted paper resources. Flyers posted on bulletin boards and newsletters stuffed into school mailboxes or backpacks often go unnoticed. Many boards in educational facilities feature dated information that doesn’t help students or educators. This ineffective messaging is not only a waste of paper, but it can also be a waste of time.
  • Timely or Breaking News. Local and national news and weather don’t stop while students and teachers are in class. Many students want to be kept informed during the day and will be distracted by rumors or false reports they hear during the day.

Digital signage picks up where traditional modes of communication leave off. In many cases, it complements existing forms of communication, such as digital notifications. Schools are finding new ways to use this unique medium every day, from changing the lunch menu in the cafeteria to broadcasting a system-wide emergency alert. Digital signs are eye-catching, easily changeable, environmentally friendly, and cost effective.

Invest in Digital Signage that Supports Your School’s Needs

Administrators need to see the versatile nature of digital signage in order to invest in the technology as a complement to current communications strategies. Today’s students grew up with digital technology, and digital messaging engages them in a way that alternative modes simply cannot.

Schools can use digital signage to display static announcements, dynamic videos, breaking news from external data sources, RSS feeds and updated schedules. Educational facilities that use digital signage are finding new ways to captivate audiences in the classroom, cafeteria, and around campus. These connected devices typically feature user-friendly functionality for changing the sign at a moment’s notice. The places where schools are using these innovative digital displays include:

  • Classrooms. Digital signs feature high-quality screens that can be used for announcements, educational program viewing, and custom-designed reminders or quiz questions. Some digital signs feature interactive technology and can take the place of a conventional whiteboard or projector.
  • Cafeterias. Cafeteria staff can remind students of important school-wide events while showcasing the daily, weekly, or monthly menu to students as they wait in line or while they are seated for meals.
  • Assembly spaces. In a gym assembly space, signage can do double duty as a scoreboard. As an accompaniment to assembly spaces, digital signs can maximize presentations, performances, and showcase important information to a captive audience. A very important benefit for schools is that sponsorship ads on digital signs in assembly spaces can generate revenue.
  • Hallways and Locker Areas. Keep students informed and engaged as they pass between classes.
  • Entrance Lobbies. A way-finding digital sign can direct visitors to the school office, destination room or other school facility.

As a universal, versatile, and connected communication device, digital signage is an ideal investment for any educational facility. Consider implementing digital signs in your own facility to reduce environmental waste, maximize space and improve the administrative reach around campus.

If you have questions about digital signage for your K-12 school or campus, please contact our K-12 Education Account Manager, and digital signage expert, Joe Thompson at and 952-841-3393 (o) or 612-644-6894 (m).