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Robb Carroll joins Alpha Video & Audio as Vice President of Technical Operations

Alpha Video is thrilled to welcome Robb Carroll as our new Vice President of Technical Operations. Robb brings over 26 years of experience in the AV Industry managing successful teams and services. Previously, Robb worked for Apple, Mozilla and Amgen providing management and strategic planning for integration, streaming, operations, and event support service teams.

“It is great to be part of an organization that has such a rich and extensive history of delivering on customer expectations,” says Robb. “I am looking forward to bringing my years of experience in operations management and customer perspective to our Operations and Support Teams at Alpha Video.”

Robb’s years of experience in enterprise-class audiovisual technology will bring another level of focus and innovation to Alpha Video’s integration, support, and creative service offerings. His proven track record of project management, strategic planning, and service implementation will benefit all of Alpha’s broadcast, audiovisual, and digital media clients.

“We are excited to have Robb join our team. His experience working at Apple and other fortune 500 companies, along with his leadership expertise, will help us align more effectively with our clients,” says Kevin Groves, Owner and CEO, Alpha Video & Audio. “Robb will be working to provide superior client experiences that create trust, confidence, and lasting relationships.”