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Interactive Projectors Light Up St. Paul Public Schools

St. Paul Public Schools Had a Busy Summer

One of Alpha Video’s largest summer 2018 projects was providing St. Paul Public Schools with presentation technology for over 200 classrooms. One of the most important technologies we included in the design was interactive projectors.

Choosing the technology that is the central focus for presentations in a classroom is an important decision. In most cases, this technology will not be replaced for years and needs to be flexible and integrate with all the other audiovisual technology in the classroom. For St. Paul Public Schools, Alpha Video choose the Epson Brightlink interactive projector to meet the requirements.

The Interactive Classroom

With the Epson Brightlink, you can turn your classroom whiteboard into a giant tablet by using an interactive stylus pen or your fingers to interact with your computer to control, annotate, and draw. Interactive display areas can measure from 60" up to 100.” BrightLink projectors also offer multi-user capabilities that support the use of two stylus pens and up to six fingers at a time.

The Complete Classroom

The other solutions provided by Alpha Video to St. Paul Public Schools include audio control, speaker systems, and presentation control systems.

Here are a few highlights that were included in the room design:

  • Epson Brightlink 695WI Interactive projector – Great image and interactivity on a larger scale and lower price point than interactive panels.
  • Teachlogic Maxim III – Integrated amplifier and room audio control at a great price point.
  • Electro Voice Evid 8.2 - An upgrade speaker for the package above. Great sound at a great price.
  • Crestron Media presentation controller – Simplified room control and source selection.
  • EMI Custom enclosure – Custom made enclosure at an off the shelf price.