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This is the cool part where we take your vision and make it a reality. (In Engineer speak, we turn your project requirements into SOWs & CAD plans.)

Ok, it is. But all of our engineers are as well groomed and professional-looking.

We Engineer Excellence

Alpha Video brings our unique expertise of combining technologies from a variety of industries to every project we design. This allows us to customize a solution with the very best products to fit your specific application. While our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to use the latest, greatest state-of-the-art visual technology, we've been around long enough to know that new solutions must be reliable before they can make a great impression.

Our design team will assess your visual technology needs to develop a project plan that not only fits your current requirements, but will easily expand as your needs grow and change over time.

The Alpha Advantage

Our Alpha Advantage project process starts with an understanding and appreciation of your workflow and goals. We'll have a few questions for you in our Discovery meetings...

  • What is your objective for the project? What primary need does a new system fulfill?
  • What secondary or occasional needs should also be considered?
  • How should the system be controlled? Who is the typical user?
  • Are there any limitations or outside factors due to the physical space, workflow needs, etc?
  • What is the desired timeline for project completion?

After our Discovery meetings, our design team will identify a solution that best fits your needs. Alpha’s in-house experts in AV, IT, streaming, system control, digital signage, and broadcast will contribute as needed to support the lead design engineer. After some additional consultation and team huddles, we'll submit a proposal. Upon acceptance, the proposal will move into a final design phase and review session before the project kickoff.

Design Time

Discovery Meetings (10%)
Project Kickoff Meetings
Proposal Development (30%)
Project Proposal Development
Planning & Design (50%)
Project Planning & Design
Design Review (10%)
Project Design Review/span>
Total Design Phase
Project Management Kickoff/span>
30% B
50% C
10% D