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Communicating with everyone is easy...

...said no organization. Ever.

Communicating effectively to employees, staff, students, parents, customers, clients, and visitors is a real challenge. Especially when so many things compete for their attention. Using digital HD video, interactive content, and collaborative presentation systems helps to engage viewers and ensures your message is both seen and understood.

Alpha Video is a national integrator of audio, video, and broadcast technologies that empower organizations to better communicate with their target audience. We help our clients succeed by designing, installing, and supporting solutions that improve communications, collaboration, and content creation. With extensive expertise in a variety of industries, we are able to partner with our clients to overcome complex visual communications challenges.

We Connect the Dots

Unlike other integrators, we don't limit our solutions to just a few select products. We represent hundreds of manufacturers and have expertise in a variety of industries. This lets us design custom solutions with the best technology for the job, not just what's available for your market.

We Manage Success

Alpha Video understands that client communication and completion dates are critical to your success. Our expert Project Managers and Alpha Advantage process workflow makes sure that projects are completed on-time and that are clients are empowered throughout the entire process.

We Think Like a Startup

Even after 45 years, we still think like entrepreneurs. We approach every new project with a sense of passion, as if it were our own new venture. We foster innovation and reward initiative in our employees. In fact, a couple of our own sales staff started two of our most successful divisions.